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Basic Card Sizes

I suppose that it is easy for me to cut my cards because I have done it so often and it wasn’t really till the other day when one of the ladies asked me about them that I thought about how hard it was for me when I first started. This post will be filed under the Tool Tips Section of my Categories on the side bar of this webpage so that you should always be able to refer to it.

Australia’s A4 card measures 29.7 x 21cm. This is different to the American A4.

You will get 2 card bases out of one piece of card.

Card Base: Cut at 14.8cm and then score down the middle at 10.5 (these fit into a C6 size envelope)

I usually put a layer on top at 13.8 x 9.5cm (4 per a4 sheet)

Another layer that works well from the card stock is 7cm by 9.9cm that will get you 9 pieces from a piece of card. Cut lengthwise at 7cm then 9.9cm along each strip.

Of course i will have more layers on my cards, but this should get you started.

Happy Stamping!